January 20, 2015

Paris, France 2014 :: Arrival in Paris, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Musee d'Orsay, and the Louvre

Finally getting around to posting about my time in Paris! I only spent 4 days there but it was still eventful.

I arrived in Paris in the morning so I was determined to not let the day go to waste. Luckily, when the boyfriend and I left the airport, we were dropped off right at the Opera. We didn't get to go inside since we were carrying luggage but the outside was still a great sight to see. It was definitely grand in my opinion and was a nice start of our trip. The details on most of the architecture was quite amazing.

January 17, 2015

Year 2015

Holy moly, it's 2015! For some reason that number sounds like some futuristic year.

Well I hope everyone is having a great start to the year. As for me, I just returned to the states from Europe a week ago so I'm still trying to get back to my regular routine. I immediately went back to work and it was just so difficult since I was away chilling for 3 weeks. By chilling, I mean freezing from the European winter. Yup. Will post about the trip soon... Anyway, every year I like to post about my goals for the year so here goes.
  1. Take JLPT N2. Since I left school, I haven't had any practice with my Japanese at all and am slowly forgetting a lot. It feels like 5-6 years of study went to waste. So this year, I'm making an effort to pick up the language again to motivate and challenge myself. Honestly, I have no real use for the JLPT exam besides giving myself a reason to learn and gauge myself.
  2. Learn to sew. I started last year but I really want to be able to sew something besides dog shoes (LOL). It was my first project.
  3. Travel to 3 new cities. I haven't decided which cities but for sure I'll be visiting New York for a summer wedding.
  4. Find a new job. It's not so much that I'm not happy with my current job but more like I'm not loving it. Maybe it's because I'm a millennial but I feel the need to feel passionate about what I'm doing. I hope I can find something like that this year.
  5. Lose weight. You know, just like every year.
  6. Cosplay two new characters. I cosplayed for the first time in a really long time last year and it was just so much fun! Hopefully I can cosplay again this year. If all goes well, maybe it'll be in something I sewed myself!
  7. Pay off my car. Holy crap, I feel so adult.
  8. Finish reading the Game of Thrones books. I've been stuck on the 1st book for a whole year now. 
  9. Get my braces off. I guess not really a goal but something to look forward to.
  10. Have more fun. I'm a high tension, uneasy, anxiety-filled bummer. The goal this year is to ease up.
Here's my last picture from 2014. It was in Venice and seemed appropriate for my first post of the year.

Anyone have any interesting New Year's goals? I'd love to hear about them!

December 29, 2014

Outfit 16 :: Nature Tones

Here is a late outfit post of something I wore when fall was in full mode. I had my hair up to look like a short cut and wore very casual comfy clothes for the chilly weather.

December 26, 2014

Review :: Luminous Change Eyelashes - Crystal Eye

So how was everyone's Christmas? Great I hope! I'm currently vacationing and posting from Paris! :) Please feel free to follow me on my trip via instagram(@sincerelydolly) on the right of my blog if you're curious what I'm up to.

For today, here's a quick review with pictures of Luminous Change eyelashes in Crystal Eye. I've been looking for the perfect natural and voluminous eyelashes suitable for the office and these are definitely it!

December 19, 2014

Japan Trip 2013 :: Sushi in Japan & Tsukiji Market

Some of the days we were in Japan, it was raining in 90 degree weather. To make matters worse, it rained the ONE TIME we got lost heading to Tsukiji Market. LOL. Anyways, worth it. The market was so much fun. I just wish I was staying longer and had a kitchen to buy all the fresh seafood! The only sad part is I feel all the tourists makes life harder for all the workers. I would think it's pretty annoying to have to maneuver around and deal with pesky tourists all day (myself included lol).

Tuna paradise...