February 06, 2014

Influenster :: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish Review

Last week I received my 3rd voxbox from Influenster! I was really excited because this box contained goodies for nails from Sally Hansen. Sadly, it did not meet my expectations.

The voxbox contained: Red My Lips, Jaded & Pat on the Black.

January 21, 2014

Rienda Happy Bag (Fukubukuro) Reveal

Ever since I started a professional job, my choice in clothing has completely changed. This is where Rienda comes in! Back in April of last year, I had posted about this brand and how much I loved it. At that time I felt it was too mature for me but here I am, less than a year later. It's ridiculous how much can change in less than a year. Ever since my trip to Japan, I've been building a closet with mostly clothes from Rienda, Lip Service, and Cecil McBee.

So of course when fukubukuro season came around, I was excited to stock up on more pieces! For those who don't know, Fukubukuro are lucky bags (also called happy bags) sold in various stores in Japan around New Years. These lucky bags are usually filled with mystery items retailing for much more than the price of the bag. For example, I bought each of the Rienda bags for 10500yen ($105USD) but the items retail for more than $500 each. Many different stores sell fukubukuro, not just clothing stores! I've even seen convenience stores participate. The risk of buying these bags are that you may get items you don't like. I didn't mind though because I love the element of surprise!

The bag is reversible with flower patterns or just classy black! I will probably give the other one away or sell it. :)

January 13, 2014

Japan Trip 2013 :: Tokyo Metropolitan Govt Building, Meiji Shrine, & Takeshita-dori

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
If you're on a budget then this is the place to go for a great view of the city for free! Unlike Tokyo Tower and Skytree, there was no fee to go up to the highest floor. Although I would imagine if you want to go for a romantic night view, Skytree and Tokyo Tower would be great.

January 06, 2014

Christmas & Birthday Gifts

Around this time, I always love seeing blog posts about what people received for Christmas. Mine is a bit late but better late than never! These are gifts I received for Christmas as well as my birthday. Super thankful for all my friends and family. The gifts are all amazing <3 I received quite a bit of cosmetics and skin care products so reviews to come later! :)

HSI Hair Straightener, Anne Klein Bangle Watch, and a Fitbit Flex

Missha Super Aqua Skin Care Set & Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Kit

Stila Artist Essentials Kit, Stila Lip Gloss Set, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, & Missha BB Cream

Last but not least, a Kate Spade handbag from the boyfriend. :')

What did you receive for the holidays? Did you get everything you wanted?

January 02, 2014

Birthday / New Years Celebration

Happy 2014! I always love New Years because it feels like we're all able to start fresh.

I was able to end and start the year with my family and friends so I feel like 2014 will be great.
With the boyfriend on NYE
Bought a super cute green tea crepe
Thai hotpot dinner with my family
Blew out my candles that night. My boyfriend surprised me with a super yummy strawberry cake!

This year my biggest goal is to be more grateful. I feel like I took so many things for granted and it's time I appreciate all the things I've been blessed with.  

Hoping everyone has a great 2014!