November 26, 2014

Review :: Kose Fasio Moon Brilliance Eye Color Eyeshadow Palette

During my trip to Japan, I made sure I picked up a lot of makeup to try out. When I saw the Fasio Moon Brilliance Eye shadow palette, I was in love! The colors looked really pretty and I thought it would be a nice natural color for light makeup.

November 24, 2014

Review :: Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System

I've always had issues with acne and scars even into my adult years so when I was contacted to test out this acne system by Mary Kay, I was excited! I never expected much from the product since I never thought of Mary Kay as a skin care brand but I was pleasantly surprised! This is my review after two weeks of trying the acne system.

November 20, 2014

Japan Trip 2013 :: Pokemon Center & Tokyo Joypolis in Odaiba

Reflecting back on my Japan trip, some of the most fun I had was in Odaiba. There's so much to do and I wasn't able to do all of it. Before the boyfriend and I headed to Odaiba, we visited the Pokemon Center! It's really just a store that sells Pokemon merchandise but I thought it was really fun anyways. I bought a lot of souvenirs for friends from here!

November 17, 2014

Review & Swatches :: Shiseido Lacquer Rouge Camel(BE306) & Drama(RD501)

My first product review in awhile! Today's review is on Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in colors Camel & Drama.

DESCRIPTION from the shiseido website:

Inspired by Japanese Lacquerware, one coat provides intense color and deep luster. This rich liquid lipstick leaves lips as smooth as lacquer. Applicator fits closely against the lips for a comfortable, even application that does not bleed. Lacquer Rouge improves dry, rough or peeling lips with continued use, leaving them smooth and deeply moisturized.

November 12, 2014

Outfit 13 :: Knitted for Fall

It's been so long since my last outfit post! This was the outfit I wore for my new header picture and can give you an idea of how I'm looking these days...

Fall in California is still very warm but could get chilly fairly quickly so I've been into warm tops while still allowing some air with shorts & skirts. Also, my hair has grown quite long since my last post. :)